Vol. 34 - nº 2A - June - 2004
Special Issue: III Brazilian Meeting on Simulational Physics




347-353 Interaction Potential for InSb: A Molecular Dynamics Study
J. P. Rino, P. S. Pizani, and S. C. Costa
354-362 A New Approach to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics
D. P. Landau and F. Wang
363-367 All-Atom Protein-Folding Simulations in Generalized-Ensembles
Nelson A. Alves, Yong Peng, and Ulrich H.E. Hansmann
368-372 Turing Systems as Models of Complex Pattern Formation
Teemu Leppänen, Mikko Karttunen, R.A. Barrio, and Kimmo Kaski
373-376 Continuous Time Stochastic Models for Vehicular Traffic on Highways
Áttila L. Rodrigues and Mário J. de Oliveira
377-383 Histogram Methods for Quantum Systems: from Reweighting to Wang-Landau Sampling
Matthias Troyer, Fabien Alet, and Stefan Wessel
384-391 Symplectic Integration Methods in Molecular and Spin Dynamics Simulations
Shan-Ho Tsai, M. Krech, and D.P. Landau
392-394 Compensation Temperature of the Mixed-Spin Ising Model on the Hexagonal Lattice
W. Figueiredo, M. Godoy, and V. S. Leite
395-400 On The Possibility of Quasi Small-World Nanomaterials
M.A. Novotny and Shannon M. Wheeler
401-402 Clustering of Dust Particles on Water Surface
M. Rapini, A.S. Chaves, and B.V. Costa
403-404 Critical Behavior of the Fully Frustrated Two Dimensional XY Model
A.B. Lima and B.V. Costa
405-407 Microphase Separation of Diblock Copolymer with Moving Walls
Antonio Daud Júnior, Flavio Moretti Morais, Sílvia Martins, Débora Coimbra, and Welles A. M. Morgado 
408-413 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Two-Dimensional Clusters of Charges
Simara S. de Moraes, Débora Coimbra, J. Ricardo de Sousa, and Hidemberg Ordozgoith da Frota
414-418 Temperature Dependent Structure of Low Index Copper Surfaces Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
F.J. Resende, V.E. Carvalho, B.V. Costa, and C.M.C. de Castilho
419-421 Monte Carlo Study of the Spin-1 Baxter-Wu Model
M. L. M. Costa and J. A. Plascak
422-424 Kinetic Phase Transition in the Mixed-Spin Ising Model
M. Godoy and W. Figueiredo
425-428 Numerical Simulation of the Kinetics of the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO by NH3
J. P. Bodanese and M. Santos
429-432 Growth Surface Model with Non Active Sites
M. Santos and W. Figueiredo
433-437 Probability Distribution of the Order Parameter
P. H. L. Martins and J. A. Plascak
 438-441 Monte Carlo Study of the Anisotropic Three-Dimensional Heisenberg Model in a Crystal Field
R. T. S. Freire, J. A. Plascak, and B. V. da Costa
442-447 Stochastic Molecular Dynamics of Colloidal Particles
Claudio Scherer
448-451 Universality Classes of Chaotic Cellular Automata
T. G. Mattos and J. G. Moreira
452-454 Monte Carlo Simulations of Antiferromagnetic Small Particles
Vanessa S. Leite and Wagner Figueiredo
455-458 Eegular Articles Galaxy Luminosity Function: A New Analytic Expression
J. S. Alcaniz and J. A. S. Lima
459-488 Systems Biology: An Information-Theoretic-Based Thermo-Statistical Approach
Marcus V. Mesquita, Áurea R. Vasconcellos, Roberto Luzzi, and Sergio Mascarenhas
489-503 Considerations on Undistorted-Progressive X-Waves and Davydov Solitons, Fröhlich-Bose-Einstein Condensation, and Cherenkov-like effect in Biosystems
Marcus V. Mesquita, Áurea R. Vasconcellos, and Roberto Luzzi
504-511 Classical technical analysis of Latin American market indices. Correlations in Latin American Currencies (ARS, CLP, MXP) exchange rates with respect to DEM, GBP, JPY and USD
M. Ausloos and K. Ivanova
512-516 Application of Anharmonic Vibrational Models for Energy Spectrum Studies of Superheavy Nuclei
R. Kuramoto and C. R. Appoloni
517-525 Thermal Expansion Contribution to the Temperature Dependence of Excitonic Transitions in GaAs and AlGaAs
S. A. Lourenço, I. F. L. Dias, J. L. Duarte, E. Laureto, L. C. Poças, D. O. Toginho Filho, and J. R. Leite
526-530 Remarks on Some Vacuum Solutions of Scalar-Tensor Cosmological Models
V. B. Bezerra, C. Romero, G. Grebot, M. E. X. Guimarães, and L. P. Colatto
531-534 On the Trace Anomaly and the Energy-Momentum Conservation of Quantum Fields at D=2 in Classical Curved Backgrounds
M. Alves and J. Barcelos-Neto
 535-543 Review Article - Classification of Energy Momentum Tensors in $n \geq 5$ Dimensional Space-times: A Review
M.J. Rebouças, J. Santos, and A.F.F. Teixeira