Vol. 31 - nš 2 - June - 2001
Special Issue: XXI Brazilian National Meeting on Particles and Fields




115-130 High Density QCD
M.B. Gay Ducati
131-146 Frontiers of Inflationary Cosmology
Robert H. Brandenberger
147-160 CP Violation: Past, Present, and Future
Jonathan L. Rosner
161-169 Finite Temperature and Large Gauge Invariance
Ashok Das
170-178 Non Relativistic Limit in QFT: a Wilson Renormalization Group Approach in the Minkowski Space
A.J. da Silva
179-182 The Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn Sum Rule and the Spin Structure of the Proton
G. Krein
183-187 Dark Matter in the Univers
Reuven Opher
188-197 Critical Phenomena in Gravitational Collapse: The Studies So Far
Anzhong Wang
198-202 Critical Behavior of High Temperature Superconductors
Claude de Calan
203-210 Low Energy (Anti)atoms for Precision Tests of Basic Physics
D.M. Silveira, O. Pereira, M. Veloso, and Claudio L. Cesar
211-222 Physics in the Global Monopole Spacetime
E.R. Bezerra de Mello
223-234 Searches at LEP2 Latest Results
M. Begalli
235-246 Electromagnetic Duality, Charges, Monopoles, Topology, ...
Juan A. Mignaco
247-254 Cosmic Accelerators and Terrestrial Detectors
Ronald Cintra Shellard
255-262 Noncommutative Supersymmetric Field Theories
Victor O. Rivelles
263-276 Exotic Solutions to the Solar Neutrino Anomaly
M. M. Guzzo
277-284 Remarks on Topological Models and Fractional Statistics
C.A.S. Almeida
285-288 Summary Talk: Cosmology and Gravitation
Ioav Waga
289-291 Summary Talk: Particle Physics Phenomenology
Erasmo Ferreira
292-295 Summary Talk: Experimental High Energy Physics
J. C. Anjos
296-298 Summary talk: Field Theory
M. Gomes
299-303 Analysis of SiO2 Thin Films Deposited by PECVD Using an Oxygen-TEOS-Argon Mixture
Carlos E. Viana, Ana N. R. da Silva, Nilton I. Morimoto, and Olivier Bonnaud
304-307 Vector Constants of Motion for Time-Dependent Kepler and Isotropic Harmonic Oscillator Potentials
O.M. Ritter, F.C. Santos, and A.C. Tort
308-316 Images by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. A Modified Version of the EPI Method
Simone Souza Ramalho, Nilson Mendes Borges, and Waldemar Wolney Filho
317-321 Note on BEC in Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics
Kwok Sau Fa and E. K. Lenzi
322-326 Gaussian Basis Sets for the Calculation of Some States of the Lanthanides
P.R. Librelon and F.E. Jorge
327-333 Analysis of the Ratio of (p, pn) to (p, 2p) Reaction Cross Sections
V.B. Shostak, G.P. Palkin, N.I. Woloshin, V.P. Likhachev, J.D.T. Arruda-Neto, M.T.F. da Cruz, and M. N. Martins
334 The Hierarchy of Hamiltonians for a Restricted Class of Natanzon Potentials
Elso Drigo Filho and Regina Maria Ricotta