Vol. 32 - nº 2B - June - 2002
Special Issue:Complex Fluids and Their Applications




Fiber Coupled Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Laser
M.F. Moreira, I.C.S. Carvalho, L.C.G. Valente, P. Palffy-Muhoray, B. Taheri and A.F. Muõoz
458-463 Lyotropic Ferronematic Liquid Crystals Based on New Ni, Cu and Zn Ionic Magnetic Fluids
C.Y. Matuo, F. A. Tourinho, M. H. Souza, J. Depeyrot, and A. M. Figueiredo Neto
464-473 Magnetic Walls in Nematic Liquid Crystals
M. Simões and A.J. Palangana
474-482 Unstable Planar One-Dimensional Configurations in Nematic Liquid Crystals
M. Simões  and  A. E. Gonçalves
483-494 On the Application of the Photoacoustic Methods for the Determination of Thermo-Optical Properties of Polymers
A. C. Bento, D. T. Dias, L. Olenka, A. N. Medina, and M. L. Baesso
495-500 Smectic A - Cholesteric Phase Transition Investigated By Small Angle X-Ray Diffraction and Viscosity Measurements
E. L. Duarte, R. Itri, A. R. Sampaio, M. Simões, and A. J. Palangana
501-508 Surface Charge Density Determination in Electric Double Layered Magnetic Fluids
F.A. Tourinho, A.F.C. Campos, R. Aquino, M.C.F.L. Lara, G.J. da Silva, and J. Depeyrot
509-515 Twenty Years of Research on Cholesteric Lyotropic Liquid Crystals at the Chemistry Institute of the University of São Paulo
M. R. Alcantara and E. G. Fernandes Jr.
516-522 Monitoring the Depth Penetration of Dyes in Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) Films Using a Two Layer Based Photoacoustic Model
L. Olenka, A. N. Medina, M. L. Baesso, A. C. Bento, and A. F. Rubira
523-530 The Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Applied in the Characterization of the Cross-linking Process in Polymeric Materials
D. T. Dias, A. N. Medina, M. L. Baesso, A. C. Bento, M. F. Porto, and A. F. Rubira
531-534 Resonance Effect in Isotropic Phase of Lyotropic Liquid Crystal
D.A. de Oliveira and P.R.G. Fernandes
535-539 Growth and Characterization of OLEDs with Europium Complex as Emission Layer
R. Reyes, C.F.B. da Silva, H.F. de Brito, and M. Cremona Chan
540-547 Changes in Aggregate Form, Size and Flexibility Along Phase Sequences in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
Lia Queiroz do Amaral
548-551 New Liquid Crystalline Tolanes from (-)-Menthone
Fernando Ely, Adailton J. Bortoluzzi, Hugo Gallardo, and Aloir A. Merlo
552-563 Brownian Ratchets and the Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals
P. Palffy-Muhoray, T. Kosa, and Weinan E
564-569 Thermotropic Biaxial Nematics:[1]Highly Desirable Materials,Still Elusive?
Klaus Praefcke
570-574 Line Shape of Emission Spectra of the Luminescent Polymer Poly(p-Phenylene Vinylene)
A. Marletta, F. E. G. Guimarães, and R. M. Faria
575-583 Thermal Lens Temperature Scanning for Quantitative Measurements in Complex Fluids
J. H. Rohling, J. Mura, J. R. D. Pereira, A. J. Palangana, A. N. Medina, A. C. Bento, M. L. Baesso, and L. C. M. Miranda
584-592 Influence of the Adsorption Energy on the Dielectric Contribution to the Anchoring Energy of Nematic Liquid Crystals
H.A. Pereira, L.R. Evangelista, D. Olivero, and G. Barbero
593-601 Influence of Chemical Structure on the Mesomorphic Behaviour of 3,5-Disubstituted 1,2,4-Oxadiazoles
S. Torgova, L. Karamysheva, and A. Strigazzi
602-608 Bidimensional Instability in Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
M. Becchi, S. Ponti, A. Strigazzi, V. Chigrinov, and S. Torgova
609-616 Dynamics and Causality Constraints
Manoelito M. de Souza
617-623 Recursive-Search Method for Ferromagnetic Ising Systems: Combination with a Finite-Size Scaling Approach
P.C. da Silva, U. L. Fulco, F. D. Nobre, L. R. da Silva, and L. S. Lucena
624-631 Space Weather Impact on Magnetosphere: New Helium Radiation Belt Storm Time Formation
D. Boscher, S. Bourdarie, A.A. Gusev, U. Jayanthi, I.M. Martin, G.I. Pugacheva, and W.N. Spjeldvik
632-635 The Role of Alpha Particles in the Emission of Plasma Waves Inside Solar Ejecta
S. Dasso, F.T. Gratton, and C.J. Farrugia
636-640 On the Delta Function Normalization of the Wave Functions of the Aharonov-Bohm Scattering of a Dirac Particle
Vanilse S. Araujo, F.A.B. Coutinho, and J. Fernando Perez
641-670 The Plethysm Technique Applied to the Classification of Nuclear States
J.A. Castilho Alcarás, J. Tambergs, T. Krasta, J.Ruvza, and O. Katkevivcius
671 Quantum Scaling in Many-Body Systems, by Mucio A. Continentino
L. N. Oliveira