Vol. 29 - nº 3 - September - 1999
Special Issue: DESORPTION'98




401-414 DESORPTION '98 - 100 years of ion beams - 100 Years of Ion Beams: Willy Wien's Canal Rays
Karl Wien
415-421 Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules: From PDMS to MALDI
Ronald D. Macfarlane
422-427 An Introduction to the Time-of-Flight Technique
Per Hakansson
428-431 Desorption and Sputtering from Solids Induced by Polyatomic Projectiles
Y. Le Beyec, K. Baudin, A. Brunelle, S. Della-Negra, D. Jacquet and M. Autrat
432-439 Mass Spectrometric Analyses in Agriculture and Natural Product Research
Douglas F. Barofsky
440-443 Mass Spectrometry in Identification and Characterization of Biopolymers
P. Roepstorff
444-449 Stimulated Desorption of Atoms and Molecules from Bodies in the Outer Solar System
R. E. Johnson
450-456 Influence of Strong Anharmonicity on the Dynamical Properties of a Crystal with BCC Lattice
C. G. Rodrigues, M. F. Pascual, and V. I. Zubov
457-468 Detailed Derivation of Axisymmetric Double Adiabatic MHD Equilibria with General Plasma Flow
Roberto A. Clemente and Ricardo L. Viana
469-482 Meson Loop Corrections to the NJL Model
Francisco Peña, M. Carolina Nemes, Alex H. Blin, and Brigitte Hiller
483-488 BCS Superconductivity in the Van Hove Scenario in s and d Waves
Angsula Ghosh
489-491 Integrated Oscillator Strength for the Ar8+ Formation from the Neutral Atom by Electron Impact
D. P. Almeida and L. A. Geronimo
492-509 Brownian Motion Limit of Random Walks in Symmetric Non--Homogeneous Media
Domingos H. U. Marchetti and Roberto da Silva
510-515 Solar Spectral Fine Structure in 18-23 GHz Bandn Processe
J. R. Cecatto, K. R. Subramanian, and H. S. Sawant
516-523 Features of Spectral-Angular Distribution of Coherent X-Radiation
V. B. Gavrikov, V. P. Likhachev, M. N. Martins, and V. A. Romanov
524-528 What are Traveling Convection Vortices?
M. Tavares and M. A. M. Santiago
529-540 Variational Description of the 3-Body Coulomb Problem Through a Correlated Eckart-Gaussian Wavefunction
A. Flores-Riveros and J. F. Rivas-Silva
541-546 Classical and Quantum Mechanics of a Charged Particle in Oscillating Electric and Magnetic Fields
V.L.B. de Jesus, A.P. Guimarães, and I.S. Oliveira
547-550 Low Temperature Photoluminescence in Ultra-Thin Germanium Quantum Wells
P. A. M. Rodrigues, M. A. Araúujo-Silva, G. A. Narvaez, F. Cerdeira, and J. C. Bean
551-556 The Extended Hubbard Model Applied to Phase Diagram and the Pressure Effects in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+y Superconductors
E. V. L. de Mello
557-563 Effects of Segmented Contractions of Gaussian Basis Sets on Dirac-Fock Energies
F. E. Jorge
564-573 Functional Approach without Path Integrals to Finite Temperature Free Fermions
S.M. de Souza, O. Rojas Santos, and M.T. Thomaz
574-578 Forty Years of the First Attempt at the Electroweak Unification and of the Prediction of the Weak Neutral Boson Z0
J. Leite Lopes
579 Phenomenological Renormalization Group Methods
J. A. Plascak, W. Figueiredo, and B. C. S. Grandi