Vol. 34 - n║ 4A - December- 2004
Special Issue: Proceedings of the XXIV Brazilian National Meeting on Particles and Fields



Plenary Talks
1273-1287 New Developments in the Quantization of Supersymmetric Solitons (Kinks, Vortices and Monopoles)
Anton Rebhan, Peter van Nieuwenhuizen, and Robert Wimmer
1288-1294 Jet Tomography of Quark Gluon Plasma
Xin-Nian Wang
1295-1306 CP Violation Prospects at the LHC
H. B. Dijkstra
1307-1321 Inflation and Precision Cosmology
JÚr˘me Martin

Round Table: What is up in Field Theory?
1322-1326 Applications of Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter
E. C. Marino
1327-1329 Theoretical Motivation for Studying Superstrings
Nathan Berkovits
1330-1334 Remarks on Noncommutative Field Theories
M. Gomes

Parallel Talks
1335-1342 Color Superconductivity, BPS $ Zk Strings and Monopole Confinement in \protect\( {\cal N}=2\protect \) and \protect\( {\cal N}=4\protect \) Super Yang-Mills Theories
Marco A. C. Kneipp
1343-1348 Conceptual Problems in Quantum Field Theory
Walter F. Wreszinski
1349-1357 Noncommutative Solitons and Instantons
Fidel A. Schaposnik
1358-1366 Cosmic Topology: a Brief Overview
M. J. Reboušas and G. I. Gomero
1367-1373 Non Gravitational Black Holes
V. A. De Lorenci and R. Klippert
1374-1380 Selected Topics in Teleparallel Gravity
R. Aldrovandi, J. G. Pereira, and K. H. Vu
1381-1389 The Next $e^+e^-$ Linear Collider
Arthur K. A. Maciel
1390-1397 Pierre Auger Observatory: Status Report
M. A. L. de Oliveira
1398-1405 Scalar Meson $\sigma$ Phase Motion at $D^+\rightarrow \pi^-\pi^+\pi^+$ Decay
Ignacio Bediaga
1406-1415 QCD at High Parton Density
V. P. Gonšalves
1416-1423 KamLAND Data and the Solution to the Solar Neutrino Problem
P. C. de Holanda and A. Yu. Smirnov
1424-1433 Search for Supersymmetry at the LHC
P. G. Mercadante

Round Table
1434-1442 Neutrinos at 1%: A Reactor Based Measurement of $\theta_{13}$
David Reyna

Summary Talks
1443-1449 Cosmology and Gravitation
M. D. Maia
1450-1454 Particle Physics Phenomenology
Maria Beatriz Gay Ducati
1455-1457 Experimental High Energy Physics
Leandro de Paula
1458-1460 Field Theory
Dionisio Bazeia

A tribute to Prof. Elisa Frota-Pess˘a
1461-1468 Homenagem Ó Professora Elisa Frota-Pess˘a

Regular Articles
1469-1472 Local Persistence and Blocking in the Two-Dimensional Blume-Capel Model
Roberto da Silva and S. R. Dahmen
1473-1477 Exciton Polariton Emission from a Resonantly Excited GaAs Microcavity
E. A. Cotta, H. P. Ribeiro Filho, F. M. Matinaga, L. A. Cury, M. V. B Moreira, W. N. Rodrigues, and A. G. de Oliveira
1478-1485 Seasonal Cusp Radiation Belt on Dayside Magnetosphere
G. I. Pugacheva, A. A. Gusev, U. B. Jayanthi, N. J. Schuch, and K. T. Choque
1486-1503 Quantum Atom Optics with Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensates
M. K. Olsen
1504-1509 Intensity Dependence for Trap Loss Rate in a Magneto-Optical Trap of Strontium
A. R. L. Caires, G. D. Telles, M. W. Mancini, L. G. Marcassa, V. S. Bagnato, D. Wilkowski, and R. Kaiser