Vol. 34 - nº 1A - March - 2004
Special Issue: XXIII Brazilian National Meeting on Particles and Fields




Strings in Flat Space and Plane Waves from N = 4 Super Yang Mills
Juan Maldacena

157-165 Gauge Theories on the Light-Front
Stanley J. Brodsky
166-169 Perspectives of the ALICE Experiment
Paolo Giubellino
170-174 Elementary Particles under the Lens of the Black Holes
George E. A. Matsas
175-182 Collider Tests for Neutrino Mass Generation in a Supersymmetric World with R-Parity Violation
M. B. Magro
183-190 Topological Mass Generation and Duality Transformations in Diverse Dimensions
Clovis Wotzasek
191-193 Quark-Lepton Nonuniversality
Xiao-Yuan Li and Ernest Ma
194-200 Alternative Dark Energy Models: An Overview
J. A. S. Lima
201-204 Light Quark Spectroscopy and Charm Decays
Alberto Reis
205-210 Hunt for the Quark-Gluon Plasma: 20 Years Later
Takeshi Kodama
211-216 Experimental Status of Corrections to Newton's Gravitational Law Inspired by Extra Dimensional Physics
V. M. Mostepanenko
217-223 Preliminary Results from DØ Run II Data
Wagner de Paula Carvalho (for the DØ Collaboration)
224-226 Summary Talk: Quantum Field Theory
C. A. A. de Carvalho

Special Issue: XV Workshop on Hadron Interactions - RETINHA XV


229-232 QCD Glueball Sum Rules Revisited
Hilmar Forkel

The Flavor Asymmetry in the Polarized Proton Sea
F. M. Steffens

236-239 The $J/\psi DD*$ Vertex
R. Rodrigues da Silva, R.D. Matheus, F.S. Navarra, and M. Nielsen
240-242 $J/\Psi D* D* $ Form Factor from QCD Sum Rules
M.E. Bracco, M. Chiapparini, F.S. Navarra, and M. Nielsen
243-246 Pion Mass Dependence of Nucleon Magnetic Moments
F. L. Braghin
247-250 Percolation of Monte Carlo Clusters
W.G. Wanzeller, A. Cucchieri, T. Mendes, and G. Krein
251-254 Impact of the Recent Jefferson Lab Data on the Structure of the Nucleon
W.R.B. de Araújo, T. Frederico, M. Beyer, and H.J. Weber
255-258 The Pion Electromagnetic Form Factor in the Meson Cloud Model
F. Carvalho, F.O. Durães, F.S. Navarra, and M. Nielsen
259-262 Phase-Shift Definition for Pion-Nucleon Scattering from Chiral Perturbation Theory
Isabela P. Cavalcante and J. Sá Borges
263-267 Correlations Between Total Cross Sections and Slopes
A. F. Martini, M. J. Menon, and J. Montanha
268-271 Extensions of the Extrema Bounds for the Pomeron Intercept to Meson-Proton, Gamma-Proton and Gamma-Gamma Scattering
E. G. S. Luna, M. J. Menon, and J. Montanha
272-275 A Model for $J/\psi$ - Kaon Cross Section
R.S. Azevedo and M. Nielsen
276-278 A Semi-Classical Picture of the Charmonium-Hadron Interaction
D.A. Fogaça, M.S. Kugeratski, and F.S. Navarra
279-282 Hadron-Hadron Interactions in Coulomb Gauge QCD
Sérgio Szpigel, G. Krein, and R. S. Marques de Carvalho
283-285 Antihyperon Polarization in Inclusive Processes at High Energies
C. C. Barros, Jr. and Y. Hama
286-289 Can we Observe the Radion and Higgs Signals in Peripheral Heavy Ion Collisions?
C. G. Roldão and S. M. Lietti
290-292 On Open Charm Production in Heavy Ion Collisions
F.O. Durães, F.S. Navarra, and M. Nielsen
293-296 The Nuclear Pseudospin Symmetry Along an Isotopic Chain
R. Lisboa, M. Malheiro, and P. Alberto
297-299 Weak Decay Constant of Pseudoscalar Mesons in a QCD-Inspired Model
L. A. M. Salcedo, J.P.B.C. de Melo, D. Hadjmichef, and T. Frederico
300-303 High-pResults from the STAR Experiment at RHIC
A.A.P. Suaide for the STAR Collaboration
304-306 Strangeness Production in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
M. G. Munhoz
307-309 Spinodal Instability in the Quark-Gluon Plasma
C. E. Aguiar, E. S. Fraga, and T. Kodama
310-314 Charged Polytropic Compact Stars
Subharthi Ray, Manuel Malheiro, José P. S. Lemos, and Vilson T. Zanchin
315-318 Finite-Size Constraints on Nucleation of Hadrons in a Quark-Gluon Plasma
Eduardo S. Fraga and Raju Venugopalan
319-321 Comparison Between Classification Using Impact Parameter and Using Number of Participants  in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
C.E. Aguiar, R. Andrade, F. Grassi, Y. Hama, T. Kodama, T. Osada, and O. Socolowski Jr.
322-325 Incident-Energy Dependence of the Effective Temperature in Heavy-Ion Collisions
M. Gázdzicki, M. I. Gorenstein, F. Grassi, Y. Hama, T. Kodama, and O. Socolowski Jr.
326-329 Particle Ratio Fluctuations and Isobaric Ensemble for Chemical Freeze-out Scenario
Licinio L. S. Portugal
330-333 The Effects of Conserved Charges in a Nuclear Equation of State
B. Mattos Tavares
334 Erratum:  The Proton Momentum Distribution in Water and Ice
G. Reiter, J.C. Li, J. Mayers, T. Abdul-Redah, and P. Platzmann