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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring your attention to the international conference “III International Workshop on Quantum Nonstationary Systems”, which will be held at the International Center of Physics of the University of Brasilia from August 26th to 30th of 2024. 

The main goal of the event will be to bring together both experimental and theoretical physicists specializing in quantum non-stationary systems, particularly focusing on many-body dynamics, quantum thermodynamics, and systems influenced by time-dependent boundary conditions. With this objective in mind, we aim to provide an environment that encourages collaboration among participants, with a particular emphasis on bridging the gap between theoreticians and experimentalists.


Lucas Chibebe Céleri (Institute of Physics, Federal University of Goiás)

Alexandre Dodonov (International Center of Physics, University of Brasilia)

Confirmed speakers:

Sérgio Ricardo Muniz (USP, Brazil)

Nadja Kolb Bernardes (UFPE, Brazil)

Thiago Rodrigues de Oliveira (UFF, Brazil)

Anna Napoli (University of Palermo, Italy)

Roberto Silva Sarthour Junior (CBPF, Brazil)

Leonardo Kleber Castelano (UFSCar, Brazil)

Lukasz Rudnicki (University of Gdansk, Poland)

Lea Ferreira dos Santos (University of Connecticut, USA)

David Novoa (University of the Basque Country, Spain)

Fernando Lombardo (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Manas Mukherjee (Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore)

The deadline for the registration and submission of posters / contributed talks is: July 15th.

For additional information and registration please visit the website: