Vol. 28 - nš 2 - June - 1998




77-84 The Partial Revival of the Quadrature Variance Product in the Dynamics of the Squeezed Vacuum Field in the Jaynes-Cummings Model
A. P. S. de Moura and K. Furuya
85-89 Design Considerations on a Dispersion Compensating Coaxial Fiber
F. D. Nunes, H. F. da Silva and S. C. Zilio
90-96 Remarks on Non-Markov Processes
N.G. van Kampen
97-110 On Entropy Production in Informational Statistical Thermodynamics
R. Luzzi, A. R. Vasconcellos and J. G. Ramos
111-121 Elastic Cross Sections for Low-Energy e--CH4 Collisions
L. E. Machado, M.-T. Lee and L. M. Brescansin
122-131 Flux Operators of Microdynamical Quantities in a Nonequilibrium Statistical Ensemble Formalism
J. R. Madureira, A. R. Vasconcellos and R. Luzzi
132 Fractals and the Distribution of Galaxies
Marcelo B. Ribeiro and Alexandre Y. Miguelote