Vol. 40 - n. 4 - December - 2010

365 The Cold Dark Matter Model with Cosmological Constant and the Flatness Constraint
A.C.B. Antunes and L.J. Antunes
370 Aspects of Nonmetricity in Gravity Theories
Rodrigo F. Sobreiro and Victor J. Vasquez Otoya
375 Conformal Field Theory with Two Kinds of Bosonic Fields and Two Linear Dilatons
Davoud Kamani
383 2d Gravity with Torsion, Oriented Matroids and 2+2 Dimensions
J.A. Nieto and E.A. León
388 First-Principles Study of Carbon Chemisorption on γ-Fe(111) Surface
Y.W. Hua, G. Jiang, Y.L. Liu and J. Chen
393 Theoretical-Experimental Analyses of Simple Geometry Saturated Conductivities for a Newtonian Fluid
Mário Augusto Camargo, Paulo Cesar Facin and Luiz Fernando Pires
398 Observational Consequences of a Dark Interaction Model
M. de Campos
404 Analysis of Electron Direct Tunneling Current through Very-Thin Gate Oxides in MOS Capacitors with the Parallel-Perpendicular Kinetic Energy Components and Anisotropic Masses
Fatimah Arofiati Noor, Mikrajuddin Abdullah, Sukirno and Khairurrijal
408 Pulsar Binary Systems in a Nonsymmetric Theory of Gravitation II. Dipole Radiation
S. Ragusa
414 Neutron Production Evaluation from a ADS Target Utilizing the MCNPX 2.6.0 code
Graiciany P. Barros, Claubia Pereira, Maria A.F. Veloso, Antonella L. Costa and Patrícia A.L. Reis
419 Efficiency Dynamics on Two Coupled Small-World Networks
Jin-Fang Zhang, Zhi-Gang Shao and Lei Yang
423 Ion-Polymer Interaction Analysis: an Inversion of NMR Spin Echo Experimental Data
Rita C.O. Sebastião, João P. Braga, Luciano S. Virtuoso, Karla A.S.F. Vello, Carlos N. Pacheco and Luis H.M. da Silva
429 Study of the Structure of Free Radicals in Gamma - Irradiated Amino Acid Derivatives
432 Radiatively Induced Non Linearity in the Walecka Model
Rafael Cavagnoli and Marcus Benghi Pinto
443 Vortex Dynamics Equation in Type-II Superconductors in a Temperature Gradient
R. Vega Monroy, J. Sarmiento Castillo and D. Puerta Torres
450 Experimental Study of Low-Pressure Nitrogen Dielectric Barrier Discharge
Hasina Khatun, A.K. Sharma and P.K. Barhai
454 Effect of Thermo-Mechanical Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Microalloyed Steels
G.R. Ebrahimi, M. Javdani and H. Arabshahi
459 Optical and Electrical Diagnostics of Microdischarges at Moderate to High Pressure in Argon
B.N. Sismanoglu, C.L.A. Cunha, M.P. Gomes, R. Caetano and K.G. Grigorov