Vol. 40 - n. 3 - September - 2010

261 Bianchi Type I Tilted Cosmological Model for Barotropic Perfect Fluid Distribution with Heat Conduction in General Relativity
Raj Bali and Pramila Kumawat
267 Hot Electron Transport Properties in Characteristics of Wurtzite GaN MESFETs Using a Five-valley Model
H. Arabshahi and M. Rezaee Rokn-Abadi
273 Effective Cosmology a la Brans-Dicke with a Non-Minimally Coupling Massive Inflaton Field Interacting with Minimally Coupling Massless Field
283 Torsional vibration of carbon nanotubes under initial compression stress
M.M. Selim
288 Polarized Raman spectra of L-arginine hydrochloride monohydrated single crystal
J.L.B. Faria, P.T.C. Freire, R.O. Gonçalves, F.E.A. Melo, J. Mendes Filho, R.J.C. Lima and A.J.D. Moreno
295 Genetic transcriptional regulatory model driven by the time-correlated noises
Xiao-miao Zhang, Bao-quan Ai and Jian-wen Xiong
301 Tuning luminescence of 3d transition-metal doped quantum particles: Ni+2: CdS and Fe+3: CdS
S. M. Taheri, M. H. Yousefi and A. A. Khosravi
306 Identification of Free Radicals Induced by Gamma Irradiation in Amino Acid Derivatives
Murat Aydin
309 Final state interactions effects on kinetic energy sum spectra in nonmesonic weak decay
C. Barbero, A. Mariano and S.B. Duarte
315 Energy Momentum Complex
Gamal G.L. Nashed
319 Is it possible to accommodate massive photons in the framework of a gauge-invariant electrodynamics?
M.V.S. Fonseca and A.V. Paredes
323 Measurement of the Plasma Boundary Shift and Approximation of the Magnetic Surfaces on the IR-T1
Tokamak A. Salar Elahi and M. Ghoranneviss
327 Study of the Parameters Affecting Ion Beam Emerging from Cold Conical Cathode Ion Source
H. El-Khabeary
333 Effect of electron inertial delay on Debye sheath formation
U. Deka and C.B. Dwivedi
340 Influence of Process Parameters on the Growth of Pure-Phase Anatase and Rutile TiO2 Thin Films Deposited by Low Temperature Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
H. Toku, R.S. Pessoa, H.S. Maciel, M. Massi and U.A. Mengui
344 Theoretical Studies of the Local Structure and the EPR Parameters for Substitutional Mo5+ in TiO2
Ji-Zi Lin
348 Blue Thermoluminescence Emission Of Annealed Lithium Rich Aluminosilicates
V. Correcher, Y. Rodriguez-Lazcano, J. Garcia-Guinea and E. Crespo-Feo
353 Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of Ba(ZrxTi1-x)O3 lead-free ceramics
Wei Li, Zhijun Xu, Ruiqing Chu, Peng Fu and Guozhong Zang
357 Pentacene based Thin Film Transistors with High-k Dielectric Nd2O3 as a Gate Insulator
R. Sarma, D. Saikia, Puja Saikia, P.K.Saikia and B.Baishya
361 Theoretical studies of the EPR parameters for Ni2+ and Co+ in MgO
Zhi-Hong Zhang, Shao-Yi Wu, Pei Xu and Li-Li Li