Vol. 40 - n. 2 - June - 2010

125 Construction and Experimental Study of a 2.5kJ, Simply Configured, Mather Type Plasma focus device
B. Shirani and F. Abbasi
131 Controlling nonholonomic Chaplygin systems
Antonio Carlos Baptista Antunes, Cássio Sigaud and Pedro Claudio Guaranho de Moraes
141 Power and efficiency performances of a micro thermal Brownian heat engine with and without external forces
Zemin Ding, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
150 Domain Wall, Stiff Matter and Ultra-Relativistic Particles from a Generalized Double-Component Dark Energy Model
El-Nabulsi Ahmad Rami
155 10-Dimensional Cosmology With Gauss-Bonnet Gravity In Generalized Scalar-Tensor Theories From Superstring Theories
160 On the Modelling of Rotational Effects in the Lower Convective Region of the Sun
H. Cavus and A.I. Karafistan
166 Adiabatic index of hot and cold compact objects
R. H. Casali and D. P. Menezes
172 On the calculation of inner products of Schur functions
J.A. Castilho Alcarás and V.K.B. Kota
180 Contribution of adiabatic phases to noncyclic evolution
M.T. Thomaz, A.C. Aguiar Pinto and M. Moutinho
184 Dynamic radiation force of acoustic waves on absorbing sphere
Glauber T. Silva
188 Vacuum energies and multipole interactions
F.A. Barone and G. Flores-Hidalgo
195 Conductivity Fluctuations of Polycrystalline Ag-Doped YBa2Cu3O7- Superconductor
Paula de Azambuja, Pedro Rodrigues Júnior, Alcione Roberto Jurelo and Rosângela Menegotto Costa
201 Effect of Mo interlayer on magnetic properties of exchange coupled Sm-Co/Fe bilayers
Furrukh Shahzad, Saadat Anwar Siddiqi, Shi-Shen Yan, Xu Jing, Bai Hong-liang, Tang Min-jian, Xing Peng-fei, He Shu-min and Xu Tong-shuai
204 Structural Studies of Liquid Alkaline-earth Metals -A Molecular Dynamics Approach
J. K. Baria and A.R. Janib
210 Kinematic Self-Similar Solutions of Locally Rotationally Symmetric Spacetimes
M. Sharif and M. Jamil Amir
217 Comparative Vibrational Spectra of Pilosine and Epiisopilosine crystals
R.R.F. Bento, L.E. da Silva, J.L.B. Faria, P.T.C. Freire, M.C.F. de Oliveira, N.R. Romero, A.M.R. Teixeira and F.M. Pontes
224 Nonlinear thermotropic and thermo-optical behaviour of planar oriented textures in nematic liquid crystals at phase transitions
Nejmettin Avci, Arif Nesrullajev and ener Oktik
228 Multiloop calculations with Implicit Regularization in massless theories
E. W. Dias, A. P. Baêta Scarpelli, L.C.T. Brito and H. G. Fargnoli
235 The quantization of Galilean Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau field
L.M. Abreu, F.J.S. Ferreira and E.S. Santos
242 Basic quantum mechanics for three Dirac equations in a curved spacetime
Mayeul Arminjon and Frank Reifler
256 Effect of particle size on nonlinear refractive index of Au nanoparticle in PVA solution
Esmaeil Shahriari, W.Mahmood Mat Yunus and Elias Saion