Vol. 40 - n. 1 - March - 2010

1 Energy in an Expanding Universe in the Teleparallel Geometry
A. A. Sousa, J. S. Moura and R. B. Pereira
9 Variational Calculation of Low-energy Positron Life Time in Xe Atoms
Mahasen M. Abdel-Mageed
15 Comparison of some theoretical models for fittings of the temperature dependence of the fundamental energy gap in GaAs
R. R. O. Morais, I. F. L. Dias, J. L. Duarte, S. A. Lourenço, E. Laureto, E. C. F. da Silva and A. A. Quivy
22 Effect of Warm Ionized Plasma Medium on Radiation Properties of Four Elements Microstrip Antenna Array Printed on Ferrite Substrate
Ayman Al Sawalha and Inas Al Mubarak
26 Study of Ion Beam Sputtering using a Glow Discharge Ion Source
M.M. Abdelrahman
30 CGS Based Solar Cells with In2S 3 Buffer Layer Deposited by CBD and Coevaporation
W. Vallejo, J. Clavijo and G. Gordillo
38 UV dominant optical emission newly detected from radioisotopes and XRF sources
M. A. Padmanabha Rao
47 Thermal and Epithermal Neutron Fluence Rates in the Irradiation Facilities of the TRIGA IPR-R1 Nuclear Reactor
Dante Marco Zangirolami, Arno Heeren de Oliveira and Andréa Vidal Ferreira
52 First-principles study of structural, electronic and elastic properties of Nb4AlC3
A. Bouhemadou
58 Flux and Dose Rate Evaluation of Iter System Using MCNP5
Arione Araújo, Claubia Pereira, Hugo Moura Dalle, Maria Auxiliadora Fortini Veloso and Antonella Lombardi Costa
63 The Role of Nonequilibrium Thermo-Mechanical Statistics in Modern Technologies and Industrial Processes: An Overview
Clóves G. Rodrigues, Antônio A. P. Silva, Carlos A. B. Silva, Áurea R. Vasconcellos, J. Galvão Ramos and Roberto Luzzi
92 Generation of M>02 Anti-Ghosts from M>02 Superbradyons at Gravito-Electroweak Unification Scale
El-Nabulsi Ahmad Rami
96 Time evolution of Wigner functions governed by bipartite Hamiltonian system with kinetic coupling
Ye-Jun Xu, Hong-Chun Yuan, Hong-Yi Fan and Qiu-Yu Liu
102 Collective coordinate analysis for double sine-Gordon model
Samira Nazifkar and Kurosh Javidan
108 Design and Characterization of an RF Plasma Cleaner
G.P. Canal, H. Luna, L.F. Ruchko and R.M.O. Galvão
115 Autoionization of He atoms induced by partially stripped ion impact
C.F. Martínez and S. Otranto
120 Retrieval Of GammaCell 220 Irradiator Isodose Curves With MCNP Simulations And Experimental Measurements
R.R. Rodrigues, R.V. Sousa, M.A. Ribeiro, S.E. Grynberg, A.V. Ferreira, L.C.M. Belo, P.L. Squair and R.C.O. Sebastião