Vol. 39 - n. 3 - September - 2009

519-522 Study on Dual-Concentric-Core Dispersion Compensation Photonic Crystal Fiber
Zhao-yuan Song, Lan-tian Hou, Xing-tao Zhao, Dong-bin Wei, Xiao-dong Liu and Zhao-lun Liu
523-525 Interatomic Coulombic decay: a short review
AxM Dias
526-530 Correlation energy in a triplet state of a two-electron spherical quantum dot
A. Rejo Jeice and K. Navaneethakrishanan
531-538 Coherent Vorticity Extraction in 3D Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence: Influence of the Reynolds Number and Geometrical Statistics
Benjamin Kadoch, Margarete Oliveira Domingues, Ingmar Broemstrup, Lionel Larchevêque, Kai Schneider and Marie Farge
539-542 Sequential And Double Sequential Fission Observed In Heavy Ion Interaction Of (11.67 MeV/u)197Au Projectile With 197Au Target
Tabassum Nasir, Ehsan Ullah Khan, Javaid Jahan Baluch, Shafi-Ur-Rehman, Matiullah and Muhammad Rafique
543-546 Annealing time effect on the properties of CuInSe2 grown by electrodeposition using two electrodes system
A. Bouraiou , M.S. Aida, A. Mosbah and N. Attaf
547-553 A 3-D four-wing attractor and its analysis
Zenghui Wang, Yanxia Sun, Barend Jacobus van Wyk, Guoyuan Qi and, Michael Antonie van Wyk
554-558 Characteristics of Austenitic Stainless Steel Nitrided in a Hybrid Glow Discharge Plasma
R. M. Oliveira, M. Ueda, L. L. G. Silva, H. Reuther and C. M. Lepienski
559-563 Gupta-Bleuler quantization for massive and massless free vector fields
M. Dehghani
564-569 Angiogenic Properties of Natural Rubber Latex Biomembranes and The Serum Fraction of Hevea brasiliensis
Mariselma Ferreira, Ricardo José Mendonça, Joaquim Coutinho-Netto and Marcelo Mulato
570-573 GUP and Higher Dimensional Reissner-Nordström Black Hole Radiation
M. Dehghani and A. Farmany
574-582 Implications of a Decay Law for the Cosmological Constant in Higher Dimensional Cosmology and Cosmological Wormholes
El-Nabulsi Ahmad Rami
583-586 EPR Study of Gamma Induced Radicals in Amino and Iminodiacetic Acid Derivatives
Murat Aydin, M. Halim Baskan and Y. Emre Osmanoglu
587-591 The spin dynamics of molecular magnets beyond Kubo's linear response theory
C.A. Dartora, G.G. Cabrera and K.Z. Nobrega
592-595 MOND virial theorem applied to a galaxy cluster
J.C. Fabris and H.E.S. Velten
596-599 A simple way to avoid metastable configurations in the density-matrix renormalization-group algorithms
J.C. Xavier
600-605 Inter Hydrogen Bonded Complexes of Hexadecylaniline and Alkoxy Benzoic Acids : A Study of Crystallization Kinetics
V.N. Vijayakumar, K. Murugadass and M.L.N. Madhu Mohan
606-614 Interference of Robust Tori on the Resonance Overlap
R. Egydio de Carvalho, Caroline G.L. Martins and G.M. Favaro