Vol. 39 - n. 2A - August - 2009

v Foreword
337-356 Nonadditive entropy and nonextensive statistical mechanics - An overview after 20 years
Constantino Tsallis
357-363 Recent developments in superstatistics
Christian Beck
364-370 Dynamics towards the Feigenbaum attractor
A. Robledo and L. G. Moyano
371-379 Central limit theorems for correlated variables: some critical remarks
H. J. Hilhorst
380-387 Nuclear problems in astrophysical q-plasmas and environments
M. Coraddu, M. Lissia, P. Quarati and A. M. Scarfone
388-395 Introducing the q-Theil index
M. Ausloos and J. Miśkiewicz
396-401 Generalized entropy indices to measure α- and β-diversities of macrophytes
H. B. A. Evangelista, S. M. Thomaz, R. S. Mendes and L. R. Evangelista
402-407 Some properties of deformed q-numbers
Thierry C. Petit Lobão, Pedro G. S. Cardoso, Suani T. R. Pinho and Ernesto P. Borges
408-412 q-entropies and the entanglement dynamics of two-qubits interacting with an environment
A. Hamadou-Ibrahim, A. R. Plastino and A. Plastino
413-416 Generalized-generalized entropies and limit distributions
Stefan Thurner and Rudolf Hanel
417-422 Tsallis scaling in the long-range Ising chain with competitive interactions
E. M. Carvalho Neto and R. F. S. Andrade
423-427 Generating more realistic complex networks from power-law distribution of fitness
G. A. Mendes and L. R. da Silva
428-430 Main shocks and evolution of complex earthquake networks
Sumiyoshi Abe and Norikazu Suzuki
431-434 Critical behavior of the delay-induced chaos transition in a nonlinear model for the immune response
Elder de Souza, Marcelo Lyra and Iram Gleria
435-438 Nonextensive statistical mechanics applied to protein folding problem: kinetics aspects
J. P. Dal Molin, Marco Antonio Alves da Silva, I. R. da Silva and A. Caliri
439-443 q-exponential distribution in time correlation function of water hydrogen bonds
M. G. Campo, G. L. Ferri and G. B. Roston
444-447 Symbolic sequences and Tsallis entropy
H. V. Ribeiro, E. K. Lenzi, R. S. Mendes, G. A. Mendes and L. R. da Silva
448-452 Generalised cascades
Sílvio M. Duarte Queirós
453-456 Modeling long-memory processes by stochastic difference equations and superstatistical approach
B. Kaulakys, M. Alaburda, V. Gontis and J. Ruseckas
457-463 Nonextensive relativistic nuclear and subnuclear equation of state
A. Lavagno, P. Quarati and A. M. Scarfone
464-467 Quantum entanglement in a many-body system exhibiting multiple quantum phase transitions
C. Zander, A. Plastino and A. R. Plastino
468-474 q-distributions in complex systems: a brief review
S. Picoli Jr., R. S. Mendes, L. C. Malacarne and R. P. B. Santos
475-482 Lie symmetries and related group-invariant solutions of a nonlinear Fokker-Planck equation based on the Sharma-Taneja-Mittal entropy
A. M. Scarfone and T. Wada
483-487 Green function for a non-Markovian Fokker-Planck equation: Comb-model and anomalous diffusion
L. R. da Silva, A. A. Tateishi, M. K. Lenzi, E. K. Lenzi and P. C. da Silva
488-494 A nonextensive method for spectroscopic data analysis with artificial neural networks
Dimitrios Kalamatianos, Aristoklis D. Anastasiadis and Panos Liatsis
495-499 Nonextensivity in a memory network access mechanism
Roseli S. Wedemann, Raul Donangelo and Luís A. V. de Carvalho
500-502 Probability distribution in a quantitative linguistic problem
F. Calderón, S. Curilef and M. L. Ladrón de Guevara
503-506 Note on semiclassical uncertainty relations
F. Olivares, F. Pennini, G. L. Ferri and A. Plastino
507-510 Nonlocal effects on the thermal behavior of non-crystalline solids
E.K. Lenzi, N.G.C. Astrath, R. Rossato and L.R. Evangelista
511-518 A characterization of the scientific impact of brazilian institutions
Aristoklis D. Anastasiadis, Marcelo P. de Albuquerque and Marcio P. de Albuquerque