Vol. 39 - n. 2 - June - 2009

256-259 Dynamical properties of a mutualism system in the presence of noise and time delay
Chun-Hua Zeng, Gui-Qin Zhang and Xiao-Feng Zhou
260-263 Specific Induced Activity Profile at the Rotary Specimen Rack of IPR-R1 TRIGA Reactor
Dante Marco Zangirolami, Andréa Vidal Ferreira and Arno Heeren de Oliveira
264-269 Three cell flying capacitor inverter for dielectric barrier discharge plasma applications
A. Flores-Fuentes, R. Peña-Eguiluz, López-Callejas, A. Mercado-Cabrera, R. Valencia-Alvarado, S.R. Barocio and A. de la Piedad-Beneitez
270-274 VUV Spectral Line Emission Measurements in the TCABR Tokamak
M.Machida, A.M.Daltrini, J.H.F.Severo, I.C.Nascimento, E.K.Sanada, J.I.Elizondo and Y.K.Kuznetsov
275-279 Simulation Studies for Ion Beam Extraction Systems
M.M. Abdelrahman and S.G. Zakhary
280-282 Electrical transport phenomenon in the lead bismuth borate glasses
M.Y. Nadeem, Asim Javed and M.F. Wasiq
283-286 Polarized EMC effect in the Thermodynamical Bag Model
K. Ganesamurthy and R. Sambasivam
287-291 Paramagnetic shimming for high-field MRI
D. Tomasi and R.L. Wang
292-296 Dose Rate Influence on Deep Dose Deposition Using a 6 MV X-Ray Beam From a Linear Accelerator Accelerator
R.V. Sousa
297-300 Structural and Dielectric Properties of ZrO2 Added (Na1/2Bi1/2)TiO3 Ceramic
K. Kumari, K. Prasad, K.L. Yadav and S. Sen
301-305 An Analytical Treatment of the Energy Spectrum of Hydrogen-Like Atoms Perturbed by a Generalized van der Waals Potential
M.E. Amin and M.A El-Aasser
306-311 Critical indices of random planar electrical networks
J.S. Espinoza Ortiz and Gemunu H. Gunaratne
312-317 Director profile of a nematic between two concentric cylinders with inhomogeneous boundary conditions
C.A.R. Yednak, E.K. Lenzi and L.R. Evangelista
318-321 Quantum Effects in Water: Proton Kinetic Energy Maxima in Stable and Supercooled Liquid
Antonino Pietropaolo, Roberto Senesi, Carla Andreani and Jerry Mayers
322-325 Characteristics of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor for Material Treatment
K.G. Kostov, R.Y. Honda, L.M.S. Alves and M.E. Kayama
326-330 Berry's phase in the two-level model
A.C. Aguiar Pinto, M. Moutinho and M.T. Thomaz
331-336 Influence of high frequency and moderate energy pulses on DLC deposition onto metallic substrates by magnetron sputtering technique
R. M. Oliveira, L. Hoshida, M. Ueda and K. Baba