Vol. 39 - n. 1 - March - 2009

1-11 On A Possible Connection Between Chandler Wobble And Dark Matter
Oyanarte Portilho
12-17 Comparisons Between Two Wavelet Functions In Extracting Coherent Structures From Solar Wind Time Series
M. J. A. Bolzan, F. L. Guarnieri and Paulo César Vieira
18-24 Modified Symplectic Structures in Cotangent Bundles of Lie Groups
F.J. Vanhecke, C. Sigaud and A.R. da Silva
25-30 Characterization of Microhollow Cathode Discharges
M.P. Gomes, B.N. Sismanoglu and J. Amorim
31-34 Characterization Of Oil Shale Residue And Rejects From Irati Formation By Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
S.L. Cogo, M.L. Simões, L. Martin-Neto, J.A. Rosa, Y.P. Mascarenhas, A.M. Brinatti and S.C. Saab
35-38 Potential Performance of SiC and GaN Based Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors
H. Arabshahi
39-43 Measurements of the Neutron Spectrum Energy in the IPEN/MB-01 Reactor Core
Ulysses d'Utra Bitelli,, Fernando Prat Gonçalves Martins and Rogério Jerez
44-49 Simulation of the Plasma Meniscus with and without Space Charge using Triode Extraction System
M.M.Abdel Rahman and H.El-Khabeary
50-54 Tailoring Nonlinearity and Dispersion of Photonic Crystal Fibers Using Hybrid Cladding
Liu Zhao-lun, Hou Lan-tian and Wang Wei
55-59 A Comparison between Channel Selections in Heavy Ion Reactions
S Mohammadi
60-61 Relationship Between Viscosity and Conductivity for Tokamak Plasmas
M. Asif
62-68 Vibrational Spectra of Pilocarpine Hydrochloride Crystals
R.R.F. Bento, P.T.C. Freire, A.M.R. Teixeira, J.H. Silva, J.A. Lima Jr., M.C.F. de Oliveira, M. Andrade-Neto, N.R. Romero, F.M. Pontes
69-73 Low-Energy Electron Collisions with Ethane
M.H.F. Bettega, R.F. da Costa and M.A.P. Lima
74-85 Surface-Wave Instabilities in a Plasma Rotating with Step-like Frequency Profile
A.B. Mikhailovskii, R.M.O. Galvão, C.H.S. Amador, J.G. Lominadze, A.P. Churikov, V.D. Pustovitov and O.A. Kharshiladze
86-91 Tachyonic field interacting with Scalar (Phantom) Field
Surajit Chattopadhyay and Ujjal Debnath
92-98 Intrinsic Asymmetry Parameter In Nonmesonic Hypernuclear Decay: Analytical Proof of The Independence on Hypernucleus Within An Independent Particle Shell Model
C. Barbero and A. Mariano
99-106 Optimal Paths For Minimizing Lost Available Work During Heat Transfer Processes With a Generalized Heat Transfer Law
Shaojun Xia, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
107-111 Dark Energy and Cyclic Universe from Arnowitt-Deser-Misner Renormalizable Group Approach
El-Nabulsi Ahmad Rami
112-133 Effects of Dust Charge Variation On Electrostatic Waves In Dusty Plasmas With Temperature Anisotropy
M.C. de Juli, R.S. Schneider, L.F. Ziebell and R. Gaelzer