Vol. 38 - n. 4 - December - 2008

531-535 Leptonic Decays of the B Charged Meson and B → Xs γ in the Two Higgs Doublet Model Type III
J. P. Idárraga, R. Martinez, J-Alexis Rodríguez, and N. Poveda T.
536-542 A Multiparameter Chaos Control Method Applied to Maps
Aline Souza de Paula and Marcelo Amorim Savi
543-550 Maximum Power, Ecological Function and Efficiency of an Irreversible Carnot Cycle. A Cost and Effectiveness Optimization
G. Aragón-González, A. Canales-Palma, A. León-Galicia, and J. R. Morales-Gómez
551-557 Temporal Resources for Global Quantum Computing Architectures
Juan D. Jaramillo and John H. Reina
558-562 Gamma-Induced Modification on Optical Band Gap of CR-39 SSNTD
M. F. Zaki
563-568 Thermodynamic Properties of Solid FCC C84 Based on an Analytic Mean Field Approach
Yang Wei, Sun Jiu-xun, and Yu Fei
569-572 Cosmic Ray Intensity During the Passage of Coronal Mass Ejections
Rajesh K. Mishra and Rekha Agarwal
573-580 Qualitative and Quantitative Features of Orbits of Massive Particles and Photons Moving in Wyman Geometry
G. Oliveira-Neto and G. F. Sousa
581-586 Estimate for the Size of the Compactification Radius of a One Extra Dimension Universe
F. Pascoal, L. F. A. Oliveira, F. S. S. Rosa, and C. Farina
587-590 Cosmological Constant and Polymer Physics
P. R. Silva
591-597 The Double Gaussian Distribution of Inhomogeneous Barrier Heights in Al/GaN/p-GaAs (MIS) Schottky Diodes in Wide Temperature Range
S. Zeyrek, M. M. Bülbül, S. Altindal, M. C. Baykul, and H. Yüzer
598-603 A Multiparton Model for pp / p\overline{p} Inelastic Scattering
P. C. Beggio
604-609 Phonon Multiplexing Through 1D Chains
A. Avila and D. Reyes
610-614 Interaction of Noncommutative Solitons with Defects
Alidad Askari and Kurosh Javidan
615-620 Some Magnetized Bianchi Type-III Massive String Cosmological Models in General Relativity
R. D. Upadhaya and Shuchi Dave