Vol. 38 - n. 3B - September - 2008
Special Issue: II Latin American Workshop on High Energy Physics

ii Foreword


371-380 Analytic QCD - a Short Review
Gorazd Cvetic and Cristián Valenzuela
381-390 Forward Physics at the LHC: within and beyond the Standard Model
David d'Enterria
391-395 HERA has Been Closed, LHC is Being Opened: Near Past and Near Future of Particle Physics
Carlos A. García Canal
396-406 Features of Nonlocal Chiral Quark Models
D. Gómez Dumm
407-415 What are the High Energy Cosmic Rays Telling us?
Ronald Cintra Shellard for the Pierre Auger Collaboration


416-420 An Analysis on Single and Central Diffractive Heavy Flavour Production at Hadron Colliders
M. V. T. Machado
421-424 Production in 331 Models
J. G. Dueñas, R. Martínez, and F. Ochoa
425-430 Living with Λ
M. Nowakowski and I. Arraut
431-436 A Study of Soft Interactions at Ultra High Energies
E. Gotsman, E. Levin, and U. Maor
437-442 Thermal Properties of Heavy-Light Quark Pseudoscalar and Vector Mesons
Cesareo A. Dominguez, Marcelo Loewe, and Juan Cristobal Rojas
443-448 Handedness of Direct Photons
B. Z. Kopeliovich, A. H. Rezaeian, and Ivan Schmidt
449-454 Photoproduction of Excited Baryons in the 1/Nc Expansion of QCD
N. N. Scoccola
455-458 Light Higgs Boson Production in Two Higgs Doublets Models type III
Camilo Andrés Jiménez-Cruz, J.-Alexis Rodríguez López, and Roberto Martinez
459-464 Different Symmetry Realizations in Relativistic Coupled Bose Systems at Finite Temperature and Densities
R. L. S. Farias, R. O. Ramos, and R. Vartuli
465-471 Modeling Electromagnetic Form Factors of Light and Heavy Pseudoscalar Mesons
B.~El-Bennich, J. P. B. C.~de Melo, B.~Loiseau, J.-P.~Dedonder, and and T.~Frederico
472-476 Integrable Inhomogeneous Spin Chains in Generalized Lunin-Maldacena Backgrounds
Matheus Jatkoske Lazo
477-482 Z' Model Discrimination at LHC
A. A. Nepomuceno and F. M. L. Almeida
483-486 Dipole Scattering Amplitude in Momentum Space: Investigating Fluctuations at HERA
E. Basso, M. B. Gay Ducati, E. G. de Oliveira, and J. T. de Santana Amaral


487-490 Charm Production in Neutral Current Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering within the Color Dipole Approach
M. B. Gay Ducati, M. M. Machado, and M. V. T. Machado
491-494 The Role of Crossing Symmetry for a Low Energy Pion-Nucleon Scattering from Dispersive Method
Walter Luiz Alda Jr and J. Sá Borges
495-498 Neutral Bilepton Boson Production in pp Collisions from 3-3-1 Model
E. Ramirez Barreto, Y. A. Coutinho, and J. Sá Borges
499-502 Langevin Simulations with Colored Noise and Non-Markovian Dissipation
R. L. S. Farias, R. O. Ramos, and L. A. da Silva
503-506 Investigating Gluino Production at the LHC
C. Brenner Mariotto and M. C. Rodriguez
507-510 Charged Higgs Production at Photon Colliders in 2HDM-III
Susana Sánchez, J-Alexis Rodríguez, and Roberto Martínez
511-514 Parametric Resonance in Dissipative Field Dynamics
R. O. Ramos and R. A. S. Vartuli
515-517 First Atempt to Apply Techniques from LEP Experiments to Help Selecting Diffractive Events
M. Begalli and R. A. B. Oneto
518-521 Diffractive Higgs Boson Photoproduction in Peripheral Collisions
G. G. Silveira and M. B. Gay Ducati
522-525 Hadron Production in the Nucleus Fragmentation Region
Marcos André Betemps and Maria Beatriz Gay Ducati
526-529 Confronting Color Dipole and Intrinsic kT Approaches in D-Y Dilepton Production
Marcos André Betemps, Maria Beatriz Gay Ducati, and Emmanuel Gräve de Oliveira