Vol. 36 - n. 4A - December - 2006
Special Issue Proceeding XXVI ENFPC



1109-1117 Dark Energy and Some Alternatives: a Brief Overview
J. S. Alcaniz
1118-1123 Angra dos Reis Reactor Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
J. C. Anjos, A. F. Barbosa, A. Bernstein, N. S. Bowden, W. Fulgione, E. Kemp, J. Magnin, H. Nunokawa, O. L. G. Peres, D. Reyna, A. Schilithz, R. C. Shellard, and R. Zukanovich Funchal
1124-1129 Polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background
James G. Bartlett
1130-1136 Thermal Operator Representation of Feynman Graphs
Ashok Das
1137-1149 The Casimir Effect: Some Aspects
Carlos Farina
1150-1156 Emergence of Complex Spatio-Temporal Order in Nonlinear Field Theories
Marcelo Gleiser
1157-1164 Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays with LOPES
C. Grupen, W.D. Apel, T. Asch, A.F.Badea, L. Bähren, K. Bekk, A. Bercuci, M.~Bertaina, P.L. Biermann, J. Blümer, H.~Bozdog, I.M. Brancus, S. Buitink, M. Brüggemann, P. Buchholz, H. Butcher, A. Chiavassa, F. Cossavella, K.~Daumiller, F. Di Pierro, P. Doll, R. Engel, H. Falcke, H. Gemmeke, P.L. Ghia, R. Glasstetter, A. Haungs, D. Heck, J.R. Hörandel, A. Horneffer, T. Huege, K.H. Kampert, Y. Kolotaev, O. Krömer, J. Kuijpers, S. Lafebre, H.J. Mathes, H.J. Mayer, C. Meurer, J. Milke, B.Mitrica, C. Morello, G. Navarra, S. Nehls, A. Nigl, R.Obenland, J. Oehlschläger, S. Ostapchenko, S. Over, M. Petcu, J. Petrovic, T. Pierog, S. Plewnia, H. Rebel, A. Risse, M. Roth, H. Schieler, O. Sima, K. Singh, M. Stümpert, G. Toma, G.C. Trinchero, H. Ulrich, J. van Buren, W. Walkowiak, A. Weindl, J. Wochele, J. Zabierowski, J.A. Zensus, and D. Zimmermann
1165-1170 Thermal Behavior of the Compactified 3-D Gross-Neveu Model
A. P. C. Malbouisson, F. C. Khanna, and J. M. C. Malbouisson
1171-1177 Remarks on Lorentz and CPT Violation in Field Theory
T. Mariz, J. R. Nascimento, and E. Passos
1178-1183 Neutrino Physics: the Roadmap for Precision Physics
O. L. G. Peres
1184-1193 First Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Ronald Cintra Shellard for the Pierre Auger Collaboration
1194-1203 Saturation in High-energy QCD
Grégory Soyez
1204-1207 Summary: Gravitation and Cosmology
Maurício O. Calvão
1208-1209 Review Talk on Field Theory
Victor O. Rivelles

Regular Articles

1210-1212 Electrical Properties of CdS/Polyaniline Heterojunction
D. Patidar, N. Jain, N. S. Saxena, Kananbala Sharma, and T. P. Sharma
1213-1216 Hydrogenic Impurity in Ridge Quantum Wire
E. Sadeghi and R. Khordad
1217-1222 Wavelet Analysis of the Wind Velocity and Temperature Variability in the Amazon Forest
Maurício José Alves Bolzan and Paulo Cesar Vieira
1223-1226 Metric Nonsymmetric Theory of Gravitation: the Analogue of the Theorem of Birkhoff
S. Ragusa and D. Bosquetti
1227-1231 Cosmological Models of Universe with Variable Deceleration Parameter in Lyra's Manifold
Anirudh Pradhan, J. P. Shahi, and Chandra Bhan Singh
1232-1237 Meson Loops and the gD*D\pi Coupling
F. O. Durães, F. S. Navarra, M. Nielsen, and M. R. Robilotta
1238-1249 Functional-Integral Based Perturbation Theory for the Malthus-Verhulst Process
Nicholas R. Moloney and Ronald Dickman
1250-1256 Optical and Electrical Properties of Te Doped AlGaAsSb/AlAsSb Bragg Mirrors on InP
D. O. Toginho Filho, I. F. L. Dias, J. L. Duarte, E. Laureto, and Jean C. Harmand
1257-1261 Hamilton-Jacobi Approach for Power-Law Potentials
R. C. Santos, J. Santos, and J. A. S. Lima
1262-1266 A First-Principles Study of Cr Impurities in Iron
C. Paduani and J. C. Krause
1267-1274 The Spreading Width Calculation of Giant Resonances with a Semi-Microscopic Approach
T. N. Leite and N. Teruya
1275-1280 Pseudo-Orbital SO(6) Symmetry for pf-Shell Nuclei
J. P. Valencia and H.C. Wu
1281-1284 Nonlinear Optical Properties of Some Newly Developed Crystals for Measurement of Ultrafast Laser Pulses
Kamal Hussain and Pathik Kumbhakar
1285-1289 Entropy Production in Nonequilibrium Systems Described by a Fokker-Planck Equation
Tânia Tomé
1290-1295 Non-Riemannian Geometry of Twisted Flux Tubes
L. C. Garcia de Andrade
1296-1299 Soliton Dynamics of Magnetization Driven by a Magnetic Field in Uniaxial Anisotropic Ferromagnet
Zhong-Xi Zheng, Qiu-Yan Li, Zai-Dong Li, and Ting-Dun Wen
1300-1304 Molecular Parameters for the Band Systems A, B-X of AuH and A-X of AuD
N. Rajamanickam, M. Vignesh Kumar, V. Raja, and B. Karthikeyan
1305-1308 Physical Variables of d=3 Maxwell-Chern-Simons Theory by Symplectic Projector Method
J. A. Helayel-Neto, M. A. Santos, and I. V. Vancea

Review Articles

1309-1317 Casimir Force in Confined Polymer Blends or Ternary Polymer Solutions
M. Benhamou, M. El Yaznasni, H. Ridouane, and E.-K. Hachem
1318-1343 A Bird's-Eye View of Density-Functional Theory
Klaus Capelle