Vol. 35 - n. 2B - June - 2005
Special issue -- Second International Workshop on Decoherence, Information, Complexity and Entropy -- DICE 2004 -- Contributed Articles --

373 Foreword
375-379 Classical limit of non-integrable systems
Mario Castagnino
380-384 Nonlinearities in Quantum Mechanics
Wm. C. McHarris
385-390 Decoherence of Electron Waves Due to Induced Charges Moving Through a Nearby Resistive Material
P. Sonnentag and F. Hasselbach
391-396 Influence Functional Approach to Decoherence During Inflation
Fernando C. Lombardo
397-402 Onset of Classical Behaviour After a Phase Transition
R. J. Rivers and F. C. Lombardo
403-410 Cooling Many Particles to Very Low Temperatures
Almut Beige, Peter L. Knight, and Giuseppe Vitiello
411-417 Synchronization of Spatially Extended Chaotic Systems with Asymmetric Coupling
S. Boccaletti, C. Mendoza, and J. Bragard
418-424 Absorption and Emission in the Non-Poisson Case: The Theoretical Challenge Posed by Renewal Aging
Gerardo Aquino, Luigi Palatella, and Paolo Grigolini
425-431 Initial States and the Various Long-Time-Behaviors of the Unstable Multilevel Systems
Manabu Miyamoto
432-438 Physics of Deformed Special Relativity: Relativity Principle revisited
Florian Girelli and Etera R. Livine
439-441 Quantum Physical Relevance of the Einstein Tensor
J. Lamey and G. M. Obermair
442-446 Some Remarks on the Semi-Classical Limit of Quantum Gravity
Etera R. Livine
447-454 Lorentz Invariance for Mixed Neutrinos
Massimo Blasone, João Magueijo, and Paulo Pires Pacheco
455-461 Neutrino Mixing as a Source for Cosmological Constant
M. Blasone, A. Capolupo, S. Capozziello, S. Carloni, and G. Vitiello
462-469 Spin Flavor Oscillation of Neutrinos in Rotating Gravitational Fields and Their Effects on Pulsar Kicks
G. Lambiase
470-475 Generalized Uncertainty Principle, Extra-dimensions and Holography
Fabio Scardigli and Roberto Casadio
476-480 Exact Uncertainty Principle and Quantization: Implications for the Gravitational Field
M. Reginatto
481-488 The Feynman Propagator for Quantum Gravity: Spin Foams, Proper Time, Orientation, Causality and Timeless-Ordering
D. Oriti
489-493 Consistent Histories and Contrary Inferences
G. Nisticò
494-496 Why is Schrödinger's Equation Linear?
Rajesh R. Parwani
497-502 't Hooft's Quantum Determinism -- Path Integral Viewpoint
M. Blasone, P. Jizba, and H. Kleinert
503-508 Quantum Probabilities vs Event Frequencies
Charis Anastopoulos
509-515 Integers: Irreducible Guides in the Search for a Unified Theory
Victor Korotkikh
516-522 Generalized Classical and Quantum Dynamics Within a Nonextensive Approach
A. Lavagno
523-529 Quantum Uncertainty in Weakly Non-Ideal Astrophysical Plasma
G. Gervino, A. Lavagno, and P. Quarati

Regular Articles

530-535 An Efficient Screening Approach to be Used in Plasma Modeling and Ion-Surface Collision Experiments
J. Pomarico, D. I. Iriarte, and H. O. Di Rocco
536-543 A General Creation-Annihilation Model with Absorbing States
Wellington G. Dantas, Armando Ticona, and Jürgen F. Stilck
544-553 Collisional Transport in Axisymmetric Plasma Columns with Strong Longitudinal Flows: Application to Solar Loops
V. S. Tsypin and R. M. O. Galvão
554-564 Spectral Derivation of the Ornstein-Zernike Decay for Four-Point Functions
F. Auil and J. C. A. Barata
565-578 Regularizations: Different Prescriptions for Identical Situations
E. Gambin, C. O. Lobo, G. Dallabona, and O. A. Battistel
579 Sculpturing Squeezed States to Get Highly Excited Fock States
Paula B. Monteiro, B. Baseia, A. T. Avelar, and J. M. C. Malbouisson