Vol. 35 - n. 2A - June - 2005
Special issue - Second International Workshop on Decoherence, Information, Complexity and Entropy - DICE 2004

205 Foreword
207-210 Results and Problems in Decoherence Theory
Roland Omnès
211-215 On the Linearity of the Schrödinger Equation
Iwo Bialynicki-Birula
216-223 Interferometry with Large Molecules: Exploration of Coherence, Decoherence and Novel Beam Methods
Markus Arndt, Lucia Hackermüller, and Elisabeth Reiger
224-232 Decoherence and Loschmidt echoes: Quantum against Classical
Tomaz Prosen and Marko Znidaric
233-241 Quantum Chaos, Dynamical Stability and Decoherence
Giulio Casati and Tomaz Prosen
242-252 Fluctuations, Classical Activation, Quantum Tunneling, and Phase Transitions
D. L. Stein
253-259 Feature Binding as Neuron Synchronization: Quantum Aspects
F. Tito Arecchi
260-265 Intrinsic Time-Uncertainties and Decoherence: Comparison of 4 Models
Lajos Diósi
266-270 Fundamental Decoherence in Quantum Gravity
Rodolfo Gambini, Rafael A. Porto, and Jorge Pullin
271-279 Validity of Semiclassical Gravity in the Stochastic Gravity Approach
E. Verdaguer
280-283 Big Extra Dimensions Make $\Lambda$ too Small
Rafael D. Sorkin
284-295 Dark Energy in the Universe, the Irreversibility of Time and Neutrinos
N. E. Mavromatos
296-299 Quantum Cosmology and the Arrow of Time
Claus Kiefer
300-306 Decoherent Histories Analysis of Models without Time
J. J. Halliwell
307-315 General Relativity Histories Theory
Ntina Savvidou
316-327 The Cocycle of the Quantum HJ Equation and the Stress Tensor of CFT
Marco Matone
328-332 Superluminal Hidden Communication as the Underlying Mechanism for Quantum Correlations: Constraining Models
Valerio Scarani and Nicolas Gisin
333-342 The Classical and Commutative Limits of noncommutative Quantum Mechanics: A Superstar $\bigstar$ Wigner-Moyal Equation
Ardeshir Eftekharzadeh and B. L. Hu
343-350 Determinism and a Supersymmetric Classical Model of Quantum Fields
Hans-Thomas Elze
351-358 Classical Trajectories and Quantum Field Theory
Giuseppe Vitiello
359-361 Emerging Gravity from Defects in World Crystal
H. Kleinert
362-372 Holographic Gravity and the Surface term in the Einstein-Hilbert Action
T. Padmanabhan