Vol. 35 - n. 1 - March - 2005


Special issue - Aspects of Hadron Physics

1 Foreword
3-23 The Interacting Gluon Model: a review
F. O. Durães, F. S. Navarra, and G. Wilk
24-51 Topics on Hydrodynamic Model of Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions
Y. Hama, T. Kodama, and O. Socolowski Jr.
52-69 Particle Emission in Hydrodynamics: a Problem Needing a Solution
F. Grassi
70-99 HBT Interferometry: Historical Perspective
Sandra S. Padula
100-121 Topics on High-Energy Elastic Hadron Scattering
M. J. Menon

Regular Articles

122-129 Bose Mott-Insulators as Closed Shells
A. F. R. de Toledo Piza
130-135 An Efficient Screening Approach to be Used in Plasma Modeling and Ion-Surface Collision Experiments
J. Pomarico, D. I. Iriarte, and H. O. Di Rocco
136-138 Casimir-Polder Interaction in the Presence of Parallel Walls
F. C. Santos, J. J. Passos Sobrinho, and A. C. Tort
139-147 Simulating a Chaotic Process
Ricardo L. Viana, José R. R. Barbosa Celso Grebogi, and Antônio M. Batista
148-156 Numerical Prediction of Nonequilibrium Hypersonic Flow Around Brazilian Satellite SARA
Ghislain Tchuen, Yves Burtschell, and David E. Zeitoun
157-161 Energy Dependence of a Vortex Line Length Near a Zigzag of Pinning Centers
Mauro M. Doria and Antonio R. de C. Romaguera
162-169 Evolution of Chaos in the Matsumoto-Chua Circuit: Symbolic Dynamics Approach
Dariel M. Maranhão and Carmen P. C. Prado
170-174 Mechanism of Insulin Emission in Matrix Assisted Laser Ionization
F. Fernández-Lima, V. M. Collado, C. R. Ponciano, L. S. Farenzena, E. Pedrero, and E. F. da Silveira
175-183 A New Form of Path Integral for the Coherent States Representation and its Semiclassical Limit
L. C. dos Santos and M. A. M. de Aguiar
184-189 Optical, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Non-Liquid Crystalline Elastomers Doped with Magnetic Colloids
A. M. Figueiredo Neto, M. H. Godinho, T. Toth-Katona, and P. Palffy-Muhoray
190-196 The Coester Line in Relativistic Mean Field Nuclear Matter
A. Delfino, M. Malheiro, V. S. Timóteo, and J. S. Sá Martins

Review Article

197-203 Quantum Critical Point in Heavy Fermions
Mucio Amado Continentino
204 Erratum: On the Entropy of the Viana-Bray model
J. R. L. de Almeida