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The virtual event will occur at the address https://www.eventweb.com.br/eosbf2020/home-event/. Regularly registered participants should have received login instructions by email. If you have difficulties to access the eventweb system of the EOSBF 2020, please use the Feedback form available in that address.


Considered the largest physics event in Brazil, EOSBF 2020 will bring together 8 different areas of expertise.

- Atomic and molecular physics
- Biological physics
- Statistical and computational physics
- Condensed matter and materials
- Medical physics
- Physics in the industry
- Optics and photonics
- Physics of plasmas

This year, the EOSBF will bring important speakers from Brazilian science to discuss topics of important social and economic impact, seeking an effective contribution to the formation of young scientists and the consolidation of research developed by universities and institutes in Brazil.