Palestras Plenárias:
Manuela Vecchi (USP/AMS, Brasil)
Direct cosmic ray measurements: the precision era

Geraldine Servant (DESY, Alemanha)
The decline of antimatter

Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute, Canadá)
The gravitational window to our universe: opportunities and challenges

Luiz Davidovich (UFRJ, Brasil)
Physics and information: the role of the new quantum technologies

Manuel Asorey (U. Zaragoza, Espanha)
Topological Matter

Mark Thomson (U. Cambridge/DUNE, Inglaterra)
DUNE: The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

Máximo Bañados (PUC, Chile)
Phase transitions in higher spin black holes

Valeria Pettorino (SAp CEA Paris Saclay, França)
Dark Energy and Modified Gravity after Planck

Palestras Paralelas:
Adalto Gomes (UFMA, Brasil)
Some applications of scalar fields: kink-antikink scattering and cosmological scaling solutions

Carlos Romero (UFPB, Brasil)
Scalar-tensor theories of gravity: a geometrical approach

Cristian Villavicencio (U. Bío-Bío, Chile)
The pseudochiral magnetic effect: a link between QCD and graphene

David Chinellato (Unicamp/ALICE, Brasil)
Strangeness and Light Flavour particle production in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC with ALICE

Diego Milanés (UNC/LHCb, Colômbia)
Status of experimental high energy physics in Colombia

Domenico Sapone (U. Chile/Euclid, Chile)
Growth data: null test for LambdaCDM

Flavia Sobreira (Unicamp/DES, Brasil)
The current status of observational cosmology: The Brazilian Participation

Hermano Velten (UFES, Brasil)
Piercing the Vainshtein screen: Constraints on modified gravity and limits on the anomalous speed of gravitational waves from binary pulsars

José Helayel Neto (CBPF, Brasil)
An attempt to formulate a dimensional reduction scheme by dimensional restriction

Matthew Luzum (USP, Brasil)
Hot Quark Soup: Viscosity, Flow, and Flow Fluctuations in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

Maurício Richartz (UFABC, Brasil)
Analogue Black Holes: Theory and Experiments

Ricardo Avelino Gomes (UFG/NOvA, Brasil)
Recent Neutrino Oscillation Results from NOvA

Divulgação Científica:
Marco Moriconi (UFF, Brasil)
Um Percurso pelo Infinito