Full member (PhD) R$ 330,00
Graduate Students R$ 250,00
Undergraduate students R$ 110,00
Nonmembers R$ 700,00

After the deadline (05/05), the registration fee will increase by 50%.

Members of other Brazilian or International Scientific Societies pay the same fee of Brazilian Physical Society (SBF) members. After the subscription, it is required to send a declaration to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in letterhead document from the institution, proving the non-debt situation.

The registration fee will not be returned (in any case) after the cancellation deadline, 14/07.

If you wish to register as a SBF member, send your application 20 days prior to the deadline registration date.

Debt-members should pay the annual fees and registration together.

Invited speakers and members of the Organizing Committee don't pay registration fee.

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