Workshop on Collective Scattering of Light "CoScaLi 2020"

It is our pleasure to announce a Workshop on Collective Scattering of Light ("CoScaLi 2020"), which will take place in Porquerolles (France), September 20-25, 2020. The workshop covers topics on coherent scattering by many-body systems, which include:

* Cooperative scattering
* Anderson localization of light
* Dicke super and subradiance
* Mesoscopic physics with cold atoms
* Multiple scattering of light
* Ab initio models for light scattering
* Collective optical forces

Please find more information at as well as the poster attached to this message.

The registration is already opened on our website. We are looking forward to seeing you in Porquerolles.

The organizers: Mathilde Fouché, Romain Bachelard and Robin Kaiser