Amendment No. 1 to MoU Brazil-Iran

Signed 23rd, November, 2009 

Acknowledging the will of the Governments of the Republic Federative of Brazil and the Islamic Republic of Iran for the development of their bilateral cooperation in science, technology and innovation;

taking into account the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two parties on 23rd , November, 2009 in Brasilia; and

reafirming the positive results gained from the exchange of expert missions between two countries, the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology and the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology have agreed on the followings: 

* To set up a joint working group as per Article 6 of the MoU, which will hold its first meeting within the next three months;
* Representatives of both sides are mandated that while defining the   tasks of the joint working group to also determine their areas of interest within the framework of product-oriented projects for collaboration and also within annual action plan and to finalize them in their first meeting;
* In order to establish and expand cooperation, each party will assign at least an amount of US$ 500,000 annually to support projects in the areas selected for bilateral cooperation, as shown in the Appendix to this Amendment;
* The amount and method of the assignment to each project will be adopted by the joint working group; 

- Members of the Brazilian side:

1. Prof. Jose Monserrat Filho, Head of International Cooperation/MCT
2. Dr. Jose Roque, Director of Brazilian National Laboratory of Synchrotron Light-LNLS
3. Dra. Maria de Fatima Grossi, Researcher of EMBRAPA
4. Dr. Esper Carvaleiro, Adviser to the President of CGEE
5. Eng. Pedro Luiz Barreiros Passos, Engineer of Natura Company

* Members of the Iranian side:

1- Eng. Hamid Reza Amirinia, Chairman of TCO
2- Prof. Abbass Sahebghadam Lotfi, Director of National Institute of  Genetic Engineering and  Biotechnology
3- Dr. Rasoul Dinarvand, Director of Faculty of Pharmacy of Tehran  University of Medical Sciences
4- Dr. Ali Beitollahi, Manager of Technology Development   Infrastructures of INIC
5- Dr. Mohammad Hassan Assareh, Director of Research Institute of  Forest and Rengelands  

This amendment is signed by both sides on 7th March, 2010 in Tehran. 

Dr. Sergio Machado Rezende                             Dr. Nasrin Soltankhah 

Minister of Science and Technology            Vice-President for Science and Technology

Federative Republic of Brazil                               of Islamic Republic of Iran


Proposals for scientific and technological cooperation
between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

* Workshop to be held in  Brazil (first semester of 2010) in association with the visit of an Iranian delegation to Brazilian research institutions in several cities (Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, São Paulo, Recife). Themes of interest: Nanometrology, Nanomaterials, Nanobiotechnology, Nano based medicines

* Workshop to be culture held in Iran in the second semester of 2010, in association with the technical visit by a Brazilian delegation to Iranian research institutions. Themes of interest: carbon nanotubes (pilot scale production), nanomaterials

* Scientific exchange (Shariff University as a priority): study periods   in Brazilian institutions by post-doctors and PhD students (sandwich and full PhD).  Proposal:  exchange in the first year of five post-doctors and five PhD students (6 to 12 months) and five researchers (3 to 6 months)

Biotechnology applied to Agriculture
* Workshop in Brazil in association with visit of Iranian delegation to Brazilian research centers (universities, institutes and Embrapa). Themes:  tissue culture and plant genetic engineering
* Workshop in Brazil on development and production of biofertilizers and bioinsectcides, with the participation of researchers and business sector
* Workshop in Iran on Transgenic and Biosafety
* Workshop in Iran on plant-based medicine
* Exchange of researchers, PhD students and post-doctors in priority areas. Proposal:  pilot project, with the participation of five post-doctors, five PhD students (6 to 12 months) and five researchers (3 to 6 months)

* Visit of Brazilian specialists to Iran’s Fars Engineering Research Center in connection with the pilot plant project for production of ethanol from sugarcane bagasse
* Workshop in Brazil on second generation ethanol and development of pilot plant, involving firms and academia (CTBE – Bioethanol Scientific and Technological Center)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
* Workshop in Brazil, in April or May 2010, covering the following themes: Mobile Communications; Internet and networks; Free Software for companies and Electronic Government; Integrated Circuits (chips) design, involving specialists from research centers and enterprises in both countries.  Workshop to be organized by CTIC (Center for Research and Development in Digital Information and Communication Technologies) of RNP (National Research Network), under supervision by SEPIN (Secretariat for TICs Policy, of the Ministry of Science and Technology).  Workshop followed by visits to Brazilian institutions

Mathematics and Physical Sciences
* Workshop organized by Brazilian Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) and Iranian Institute for Physics and Mathematics (IPM)
* Program of exchange of researchers and PhD students between these institutions
* Joint research in applications of synchrotron light sources, in lasers and nonlinear optics

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and Planning
* Workshop on S, T&I prospective studies and planning
* Visit of Iranian specialists to Brazilian innovation development agencies in order to exchange experiences as regards cooperation between universities and business in support of innovation
* Exchange of specialists in the area of studies in national innovation systems

Medical Sciences and Pharmaceuticals
* Workshop in Iran, at the Incubation Center for Medical Equipment and Devices on medical imaging technologies
* Visit to Iran by one Brazilian businessman and one specialist to look into the possibility of cooperation in the area of pharmaceuticals
* Exchange of specialists in medical sciences and food quality control

* Workshop on capacities for cooperation in oil and gas fields
* Promoting joint research projects in common interest engineering fields such as oil and gas


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