Vol. 38 - n. 1 - March - 2008

i Foreword
1-5 Unusual Domain Growth Behavior in the Compressible Ising Model
S. J. Mitchell, Luiz F. C. Pereira, and D. P. Landau
6-11 Uncovering the Secrets of Unusual Phase Diagrams: Applications of Two-Dimensional Wang-Landau Sampling
Shan-Ho Tsai, Fugao Wang, and D. P. Landau
12-19 Simulation of Geomagnetic Reversals Through Magnetic Critical Models
V. H. A. Dias, J. O. O. Franco, and A. R. R. Papa
20-25 A Numerical Study of the Kullback-Leibler Distance in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Brenno Caetano Troca Cabella, Márcio Júnior Sturzbecher, Walfred Tedeschi, Oswaldo Baffa Filho, Dráulio Barros de Araújo, and Ubiraci Pereira da Costa Neves
26-36 Event-by-Event Simulation of Quantum Phenomena
H. De Raedt
37-42 Simulation of Dense Colloids
H. J. Herrmann, J. Harting, M. Hecht, and E. Ben-Naim
43-47 Quantum Percolation of One-Electron States in Power-Law Diluted Chains
M. P. da Silva Jr., S. S. Albuquerque, F. A. B. F. de Moura, and M. L. Lyra
48-53 Developments in Wang-Landau Simulations of a Simple Continuous Homopolymer
D. T. Seaton, S. J. Mitchell, and D. P. Landau
54-57 Finding Invariant Tori in the Problem of a Periodically Corrugated Waveguide
Adriano Fábio Rabelo and Edson D. Leonel
58-61 A Simplified Fermi Accelerator Model Under Quadratic Frictional Force
Danila F. Tavares and Edson D. Leonel
62-64 The Feigenbaum's delta for a High Dissipative Bouncing Ball Model
Diego F. M. Oliveira and Edson D. Leonel
65-69 Exhaustive Exploration of Prisoner's Dilemma Parameter Space in One-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Marcelo Alves Pereira, Alexandre Souto Martinez, and Aquino Lauri Espíndola
70-73 How can Encapsulated C60 Fullerenes Escape from a Carbon Nanotube? A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Answer
F. de Brito Mota, E. F. Almeida Júnior, and Caio M. C. de Castilho
74-80 The Public Good Game on Graphs: Can the Pro-Social Behavior Persist?
Roberto da Silva
81-86 Strategies for Optimize Off-Lattice Aggregate Simulations
S. G. Alves, S. C. Ferreira Jr., and M. L. Martins
87-93 Reaction-Diffusion Stochastic Lattice Model for a Predator-Prey System
Áttila L. Rodrigues and Tânia Tomé
94-97 Dependence of the Crossover Exponent with the Diffusion Rate in the Generalized Contact Process Model
W. G. Dantas, M. J. de Oliveira, and J. F. Stilck

Regular Articles

98-103 Two Simple Families of Exact Inhomogeneous Stiff Cosmologies
Guillermo A. González, Fabio D. Lora, and Jenrry A. Jaimes
104-107 An Analytical Solution for the Critical Number of Particles for Stable Bose-Einstein Condensation under the Influence of an Anisotropic Potential
A. G. de Sousa, V. S. Bagnato, and A. B. F da Silva
108-116 Modulation of Cosmic Rays at Different Cutoff Rigidity
Rekha Agarwal and Rajesh K. Mishra
117-122 Neutron Correlations with Electrical Measurements in a Plasma Focus Device
H. Bruzzone, H. Acuña, and A. Clausse
123-130 The Spin-1/2 Ising Model with Skew Magnetic Field at High Temperatures
E. V. Corrêa Silva, S. M. de Souza, Onofre Rojas, James E.F. Skea, and M. T. Thomaz
131-137 High Temperature Raman Spectra of L-Leucine Crystals
P. F. Façanha Filho, P. T. C. Freire, K. C. V. Lima, J. Mendes Filho, F. E. A. Melo, and P. S. Pizani
138-143 Reevaluation of Dating Results for Some 14C - AMS Applications on the Basis of the New Calibration Curves Available
K. D. Macario, P. R. S. Gomes, and R. M. Anjos
144-146 Noncommutative Harmonic Oscillator at Finite Temperature: A Path Integral Approach
A. Jahan
147-155 Hall Effect Measurements on p-n-p InP Structures
C. A. C. Sequeira and D. M. F. Santos
156-166 Energy-Momentum Problem of Bell-Szekeres Metric in General Relativity and Teleparallel Gravity
M. Sharif and Kanwal Nazir
167-177 Magnetized String Cosmological Model in Cylindrically Symmetric Inhomogeneous Universe with Time Dependent Cosmological-Term Lambda
Anirudh Pradhan, Kanti Jotania, and Archana Singh
178-188 The Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation: The Need for the Hamiltonian to be Self-Adjoint
Vanilse S. Araujo, F. A. B. Coutinho, and F. M. Toyama
188-201 Atomic Hydrogen Under Strong Soft X-Ray Pulses
A. R. B. de Castro