Vol. 35 - n. 4B - December - 2005
100 Years of Relativity

ii Foreword
1029-1037 Perturbations Around Black Holes
Bin Wang
1038-1040 A Model for a Non-Minimally Coupled Scalar Field Interacting with Dark Matter
J. B. Binder and G. M. Kremer
1041-1043 Phase Space Solutions in Scalar-Tensor Cosmological Models
José C. C. de Souza and Alberto Saa
1044-1045 Attractors in Dark Energy Models with Born-Infeld Scalar Field
Ronaldo Carlotto Batista, Luís Raul Weber Abramo, and Thiago dos Santos Pereira
1046-1047 Toy Models Unifying Dark Energy and Dark Matter
Sandro Silva e Costa
1048-1049 On the Non-integrability of a Class of Hamiltonian Cosmological Models
L. A. A. Coelho, J. E. F. Skea, and T. J. Stuchi
1050-1051 Nonlinear Resonance in Bouncing Universes
H. P. de Oliveira, I. Damião Soares, and E. V. Tonini
1052-1054 Exact Solutions of Brans-Dicke Cosmology and the Cosmic Coincidence Problem
S. Carneiro and A. E. Montenegro Jr.
1055-1056 On Current-Carrying Cosmic Strings and the Generalized Rainich Algebra in Scalar-Tensor Gravities
M. Leineker Costa, M. E. X. Guimarães and A. L. Naves de Oliveira
1057-1061 On Some Aspects of Gravitomagnetism in Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity
V. B. Bezerra, A. Barros, and C. Romero
1062-1066 A Note on Cosmological Parameters and the Topology of the Universe
M. J. Rebouças and J. S. Alcaniz
1067-1069 Gödel's Universe and Induced-Matter Theory
J. B. Fonseca-Neto, C. Romero, and F. Dahia
1070-1071 Geometrical Generation of Cosmic Magnetic Fields within Standard Electromagnetism
Christos G. Tsagas and Alejandra Kandus
1072-1073 A Numerical Study on the Dimension of an Extremely Inhomogeneous Matter Distribution
Cecilia B. M. H. Chirenti
1074-1079 Quantum Correlations in Inflationary Spectra and Violation of Bell Inequalities
David Campo and Renaud Parentani
1080-1083 Electric Charge Rotating Around a Black Hole
Jorge Castineiras, Luís C. B. Crispino, Rodrigo Murta, and George E. A. Matsas
1084-1085 Scalar Source in Circular Motion Interacting with Massive Klein-Gordon Field in Minkowski Spacetime
Luís C. B. Crispino and Damião P. Meira Filho
1086-1090 Renormalization Group in Curved Space and the Problem of Conformal Anomaly
M. Asorey, E. V. Gorbar, and I. L. Shapiro
1091-1095 Is the Cosmological Particle Production Homogeneous?
M. de Campos
1096-1098 Some Effects on Quantum Systems due to the Gravitational Field of a Topological Defect
Geusa de A. Marques and V. B. Bezerra
1099-1103 Higher Derivative Quantum Gravity Near Four Dimensions
Guilherme de Berredo-Peixoto and Ilya L. Shapiro
1104-1105 Casimir Effect for Differential Forms in Real Compact Hyperbolic Spaces
V. S. Mendes and T. G. Prado
1106-1109 Notes on the Quantization of FRW Model in the Presence of a Cosmological Constant and Radiation
G. A. Monerat, E. V. Corrêa Silva, G. Oliveira-Neto, L. G. Ferreira Filho, and N. A. Lemos
1110-1112 Some Effects on Relativistic Quantum Systems Due to a Weak Gravitational Field
Geusa de A. Marques, Sandro G. Fernandes, and V. B. Bezerra
1113-1116 Braneworld Black Holes as Gravitational Lenses
Ernesto F. Eiroa
1117-1120 Need of Dark Energy for Dynamical Compactification of Extra Dimensions on the Brane
B. Cuadros-Melgar and E. Papantonopoulos
1121-1124 Fluxes and Chern Morphisms of Hyperbolic Orbifolds
A. A. Bytsenko and M. E. X. Guimarães
1125-1126 Inflationary Cosmology in RS-I
Michele Ferraz Figueiró
1127-1128 Solutions for Klein-Gordon Equation in Randall-Sundrum-Kerr Scenario
Jéferson de Oliveira and Carlos Eduardo Pellicer de Oliveira
1129-1130 Is it Possible to Test Brane-World Scenarios by Observation of Quasars and Microquasars?
C. H. Coimbra-Araújo, R. da Rocha, and I. T. Pedron
1131-1132 Braneworld with Induced Axial Symmetry
Edgard Casal de Rey Neto
1133-1135 Conserved Gravitational Charges, Locality and the Holographic Weyl Anomaly - a Fresh Viewpoint
Pedro Lauridsen Ribeiro
1136-1137 Scalar Perturbation in a Black Hole localized on a Brane
A. B. Pavan and R. D. B. Fontana
1138-1139 The Super-Poincaré Algebra Via Pure Spinors and the Interaction Principle in 3D Euclidean Space
R. da Rocha
1140-1141 The Embedding of Spacetime into Cauchy Developments
F. Dahia and C. Romero
1142-1144 The Extended ADS/CFT Correspondence
M. D. Maia
1145-1148 Corrections to the Entropy in Higher Order Gravity
Luis Alejandro Correa-Borbonet
1149-1151 High Overtones of Dirac Perturbations of a Schwarzschild Black Hole and the Area Spectrum of Quantum Black Holes
Karlúcio H. C. Castello-Branco, Roman A. Konoplya, and Alexander Zhidenko
1151-1154 Electromagnetic Field in Lyra Manifold: A First Order Approach
R. Casana, C. A. M. de Melo, and B. M. Pimentel
1155-1158 Light on Dark Matter: Gravitational Lensing by Galaxy Clusters
Laerte Sodré Jr.
1159-1162 Dark Matter Profile in Clusters of Galaxies
Gastão B. Lima Neto
1163-1166 Relativistic Jets and Accretion Phenomena associated with Galactic and Extragalactic Black Holes
E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino
1167-1171 Influence of the Black Hole Rotation on Accretion Discs and Jets in Active Galaxies: the Case of NGC 1068
Anderson Caproni, Zulema Abraham, and Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta
1172-1178 Statefinder Revisited
Émille E. O. Ishida
1179-1184 Lensing Magnification and QSO-Galaxy Cross-Correlations: Observations, Theory and Simulations
Antonio C. C. Guimarães
1185-1190 The Large-Scale Angular Correlations in CMB Temperature Maps
Armando Bernui
1191-1194 Gravitational Waves: A 100-Year Tool Applied to the Dark Energy Problem
M. Soares-Santos, S. V. B. Gonçalves, J. C. Fabris, and E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino
1195-1200 Challenges in Signal Analysis of Resonant-Mass Gravitational Wave Detectors
Nadja Simão Magalhães
1201-1203 Resonant Transducers for Spherical Gravitational Wave Detectors
Carlos Frajuca, Fabio da Silva Bortoli, and Nadja Simão Magalhães
1204-1205 Background of Gravitational Waves Generated by Astrophysical Sources
José C. N. de Araujo and Oswaldo D. Miranda
1206-1209 Strong Limits on the Possible Decay of the Vacuum Energy into CDM or CMB Photons
Reuven Opher and Ana Pelinson
1210-1213 Some Results on the Evolution of Primordial Black Holes
J. E. Horvath and P. S. Custódio