General aspects
The Brazilian Journal of Physics is edited by the Sociedade Brasileira de Física and published trimonthly in partnership with the Springer Group. It comprises review articles, commissioned by the editors, and original contributions from all areas of physics.

Prospective authors should address the broad audience of the journal. Even in manuscripts reporting original work, the introductory section should be written with the nonspecialist in mind, figures and illustrative simple examples being especially welcome. In particular, the scientific problem under discussion should be placed in proper perspective, and the contribution of the paper to its solution, clearly outlined. At the end of the paper, the summary should likewise be written to reach readers from other areas of physics.

While more specific language is expected in the body of the paper, clarity cannot be sacrificed. Whether analytical, numerical, or experimental, all results must be clearly interpreted. Technical digressions that have been spelled out elsewhere need not be repeated, but the reader should be referred to clear expositions; when
available, books or reviews are preferred over briefer reports. Lengthy algebra belongs in appendices when the results count more than the derivations. Well prepared illustrations are prized, and there is no substitute for a concise caption that conveys a message even before the main text is read.

While long manuscripts are acceptable, contributors should weigh the number of pages against the content of the paper. Well phrased expressions and well designed figures save space.

Acceptance criteria
To be accepted for publication in the Brazilian Journal of Physics, contributed papers must be scientifically sound and novel, the concept of novelty including detailed accounts of scientific developments important enough to have deserved preliminary publication in letter format. Manuscripts should also appeal to physicists from all backgrounds, as discussed above under the heading "Style". Once received at the editorial office, submissions are examined by the editors. Clear presentations satisfying minimal requirements of scientific substance and novelty are subsequently reviewed by specialists, on the basis of whose advice the Editorial Board makes decisions.

Cover letter
A cover letter should be supplied, with three purposes:

  1. to state that the manuscript has not been nor will be submitted to another journal while it is being reviewed;
  2. to explain, in the light of the above stated policy, why the paper is appropriate for publication in the Brazilian Journal of Physics;
  3. to describe special circumstances of which the editors should be aware.